A Funny Gambling Moment

Hi, my name is Joseph Pigliatti. I am also known as Joey Pig, Joey’s Second Story, Joey’s Blackjack and Joey’s Ice Cream Cone. If you don’t mind, I prefer Joey the pig.

However, the good people at gambleonthis.com have asked me to write an article about gambling when it is the funniest I can think of. There are so many but I’ll try.

The hilarious Data sgp that happened on the night of a poker match Friday. There are me, Patty Irish Pint, Tony Two Times, and Johnny Good Bones. You see, we have gathered for the night 7 card stud.

Now the funny thing is that Boss had set up a hit at Patty Ireland Pint the day before. Patty had embezzled from the top of the racket figure and Bosses wanted to set an example. That Patty has to hit during our poker game. Tony Twice has a contract with him.

Anyway, here we are all in poker and me, Tony and Johnny can’t stop smiling. There is something very funny about being in a room with a man who is suppose to get hit and he doesn’t know it but everyone else does. Every time I see Tony Twice I start laughing and Tony can’t keep a good straight face and then Johnny Good Bones will see us giggling and he will break up too. You must be there.

However, Irish Patty Pint has got no idea what is going on. He thought we were a little silly to carry on like us but he won big at the poker table so he didn’t care. Which makes it look even funnier to us because here is this person who will get hit for a moment and he wins big.

So here is the climate part of the story. There are pots worth around 20 grand and the only two players left are Patty and Tony. Patty calls Tony and Tony puts the house full. But getting this, this is a real kicker, Patty puts down a card and she has 4 aces!

At that moment I fell on the floor laughing. I laughed so hard I had to slap the floor and breathe air. When Tony Twice saw me laughing like this of course he fell to the floor laughing too. He laughed so hard he literally pissed himself. And Johnny Good Bones was also laughing on the floor so hard he couldn’t breath.

At this point Patty Irish Pint began to suspect something. Maybe it’s because he saw three fat WiseGuys rolling on the floor laughing like children. Anyway, Tony Twice took his gun out and showed it to Patty. But just as he did this he saw my eyes and we both started laughing again! Tony laughed so hard he could not even aim his weapon.

Patty then takes the gun out and shows it to Tony. But before he fires a gun he drops dead! We found out later he had a heart attack. All excitement or something.

However, I hope the good people at gambleonthis.com enjoy my funny gambling story. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it.

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